The Tripper ™ - Travel Guitar is designed not only for traveler musician, but also for the professional, student, guitar performer, children or even collectors. The guitar has a short fret scale and compact with good playability. 24" short scale (guitar) or 30" for bass makes the player does not have to adapt on playing every note. Scale was also used in short scale guitars like Fender® Jaguar and differ only 0.75 inches with a Gibson® (24.75").

The Tripper™ - Travel Guitar use a normal tuning, which can also be used with a drop tuning.

1 Humbucker pickup with split-coil system will enable you to easily get a fat humbucker sound and clear and bright single coil sound.

This guitar could be used on the big stage, using a head cabinet amplifier, multi-effect or pocket effect as Line 6 Pocket POD®, or KORG® Pandora, and even can be combined with iPad® or iPhone® which comes with iRig and AmpliTube.

This guitar is also equipped with preamps with 9 volt battery for the headphones output, so that it can be used on specific situations such as in a quiet place, when hiking, on train, bus, or airline travel, an afternoon at the park, alone on the beach, arranging music in hotel room or simply fingering at all times.

Do you want to play the guitar and listening to a backing track or your favorite song at one time? We have added Built-In Aux Input to the Tripper - Travel Guitar. Just plugged in your songs from your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy playing your guitar along with your favorite songs

Every purchase of The Tripper™ - Travel Guitar in any type will get a strap to ensure easy playability of the guitar, gig bag for easy to carry, portable table stand so it could be stored on table with elegant stand design, high-quality earphone with case and 1 pc 3.5mm stereo AUX cable.




    WARMTH Series use MAHOGANY on Body

Neck Mahogany Maple Maple
Fretboard Rosewood Rosewood Maple

    WARMTH Series Color Chart

01 Midnight Black 04 Pearl White
02 Flat Black 05 Flare Red
03 Antique Brown  


   BRIGHT Series use WHITE ASH on Body

Neck Maple Maple
Fretboard Rosewood Maple

   BRIGHT Series Color Chart

06 Aged Ash 07 Wine Red
08 Charcoal Black