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2013-02-07 17:39


We always accept custom orders for The Tripper according to the needs and desires of customers on a limited basisThe available custom orders are :

  • Using good material bodyneck and fret board which are more specific.
  • Selection of different colors outside the color that is already available
  • Changes in hardware such as tuning machinesstrings, and  pickups.

Terms and Conditions for custom order are

  • Contact us by email to ask@mytravelguitar.com for a detailed explanation of the color you want to apply to TheTripper.
  • Fees will be charged according to specification changes.
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject the specifications requested by the customer.

Custom orders that could NOT be done are :

  • Changing  guitar models.
  • Changing dimensional specifications.

Here is the general upgrade costs that are often in order:

Ebony Fretboard TRU 01 IDR 250K / US$ 25
Abalone Dot Inlays TRU 02 IDR 100 K / US$ 10
Custom Pearloid Inlays TRU 03 IDR 250 K / US$ 25
Custom Abalone / MOP Inlays TRU 04 IDR 750 K / US$ 75
Custom Fret Scale TRU 05 IDR 100 K / US$ 10
Neckthrough Body Construction TRU 06 IDR 750 K / US$ 75
Custom Logo (Decal) TRU 07 IDR 75 K / US$ 75
Custom Standard Color TRU 08 IDR 250 K / US$ 25
Custom Stripes / Swirl TRU 09 IDR 500   K / US$ 50
Custom Color (Airbrush) TRU 10 IDR 800 K / US$ 80
Custom Neck Shape
(Assymetric, etc)
TRU 11 IDR 150 K / US$ 15
Jumbo Fretwires TRU 12 IDR 75 K / US$ 7
Gold Hardware TRU 13 IDR 375 K / US$ 37.5

7 Strings The Tripper® Guitar
 (pickup is not included)

Custom IDR 425 K / US$ 42.5
4 strings The Tripper® Bass Custom IDR 350 K / US$ 35
5 Strings The Tripper® Bass Custom IDR 550 K / US$ 55
6 Strings The Tripper® Bass Custom IDR 750 K / US$ 75

If  it is required , special to 3 parts on the Tripper : Tuning Machine , Pickup and Strings , customers are welcome to upgrade part by bringing their own part that you want to install or ask us to set up the desired part to record standard part that has been provided on The Tripper® previously it could reduce the price on The Tripper® standard with the list price reduction as follows :

Part Replacement Reduction Price
Pickup IDR 100k / US$ 10
Head Machine IDR 100k / US$ 10
Strings IDR 30k / US$ 3

For the price replacement or addition parts / modification part of standard specification that does not exist in the data above, please provide detailed information to order@mytravelguitar.com so we can help calculate the total cost