The Tripper™ Travel - Guitar was first developed in Bandung - Indonesia, a city famous for music, lifestyle and creativity of young people who continue to be the benchmark across Indonesia, even in countries around Indonesia.

The Tripper™ sales continue to increase, not only in Bandung, but also Jakarta and other cities throughout Indonesia and even online direct sales to several countries in the world also run into a continuous significant increase.

Many friends, customers, musicians and guitar players, in Indonesia and overseas have contacted us to initiate and to establish business cooperation to distribute The Tripper™ for mutual benefit. Of course, we want a good and mutual cooperation that will support the development of The Tripper™ not only in terms of sales and distribution but also support our research on design, technology, parts, materials and other development.

We want that The Tripper™ is not only for our own, nor that The Tripper™ only can be enjoyed by musicians in Indonesia or in some countries. We want The Tripper™ to become parts of the music development worldwide. Our pride is when people smile and feel happy with the existence of The Tripper™ in their hand. After all, this is an excellent choice of instrument for everyone.

As we expand further in different regions of the world, we are open to new reseller partners with easy requirements.  We provide many ways for you to cooperate, such as becoming our reseller, dealer and distributor. Reseller is a partnership level with the easiest requirement for anyone interested to join in an initial step of cooperation.

If you would like to be considered as The Tripper™ reseller or dealer for our products, please send your email to Please include basic information about yourself or your company. Tell a little about yourself personally, your interest on The Tripper™ and how big the opportunities to sell The Tripper™ - Travel Guitar in your community.



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