The Tripper™ - Travel Guitar is a cool way to play guitar anywhere and anytime, which gives a new color in concept, construction, appearance, sound character, everything that fulfilling the needs of every guitar enthusiast.

For us, The Tripper™ - Travel Guitar is an achievement after 12 years Stranough ® Guitar - Technology produces guitars and its cases (hard case & soft case), as well as 5 years manufacturing guitars (OEM partners) which has also been successful and shipped across the continent.

The long journey of experience in designing dozens of prototypes and production methods yields from thousands hours of discussion with guitar enthusiasts, as well as professional musicians, ultimately embodied in a portable guitar products without compromising on playability of the guitar itself to use in any genre, and any situation.

The feedback from guitar enthusiasts who wants a more compact guitar, easier to practice fingering anywhere, warm up before performing, easily carried to be used in travel, without reducing its ability just the same as a normal sized guitars is crucial point of The Tripper™ - Travel Guitar design.

The Tripper™ - Travel Guitar has a unique and smart design, simple, portable, can be played anywhere, anytime.


The Tripper ™ - Travel Guitar is a new lifestyle. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THE TRIPPER ™ - Travel Guitar !!!